Top-Rated Home Inspector In Calgary and Surrounding Areas, AB

A thorough home inspection is the best way to know the condition of your home, both inside and outside. Not only is this an important step in the homebuying process, it is also useful to have done regularly for a home one already owns. Home repairs can be extremely expensive, and only get worse as more time passes. This is why an expert home inspection in Calgary, AB from Sharp Home Inspections is a must have. As an experienced home contractor and now home inspector, our founder, Reon Sharp, is an expert in the industry, ensuring you will receive an accurate and reliable inspection. Call to schedule your appointment today.

Home Inspection

Home repairs can be extremely expensive, stressful and require loads of labor. Don’t let your dream home end up being a pain to you and your wallet. Know the exact condition of the new home you are buying with an accurate home inspection from the Sharp Home Inspections team. Utilizing the best technology and our expertise, we will inspect and identify any potential issues with your home. Our inspections include the exterior, like the roof and siding, as well as interior areas like attics, heating and cooling systems and appliances. Be confident in your new home purchase with a home inspection.

Radon Testing

Your home should be a safe and welcoming space, and you can have the confidence that it is with a radon test from Sharp Home Inspections. Radon is a naturally occurring, carcinogenic, toxic gas that is common in all types of homes. But our team of experts utilize the best technology to detect this odorless and colorless gas, ensuring that your home is safe. Radon can be found in all areas of any home, no matter its design or age, so be sure you and your family are safe with a radon test from the Sharp team. Schedule your appointment today.